Zippert zaps: Neanderthal man knew when grilling, no Dips


Still, scientists disagree about whether Neanderthals fire. You took it proven, to crickets to the squirrels and rhinos, but they were able to ignite it is actually yourself? The man of the 21st century. Century has not solved the Problem yet. He could inflame charcoal with a flint.

researchers of later centuries have come to believe that Homo Sapiens have received the fire of a more developed civilization, about the sellers of the Weber grills. The Neanderthal did not even have a Weber grill, and managed to survive anyway. He knew no delicious Dips that make the food easier to digest.

Whether it is extinct, therefore, can not confirm the research, because of the Neanderthals lives on, at least parts of it. We all carry Neanderthal genes in us, for example, increase the risk for depression. Thanks to this heritage, we don’t have a barbecue so like, even though we always know how we, the fire should ignite. And the depressed us then.


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