Why the HSV with the Titz-dismissal proves that he has learned nothing


As a Christian Titz the HSV on the 12. March took over, this was synonymous with a new way of Thinking in the people’s Park. The Coach turned the broken club on the left, satisfied with his possession-oriented style of play, giving young talent a Chance and managed to get the vergraulten Fans back into the boat.

Even the descent was perceived by the years of anguished supporters as a Chance to finally the times of bad football behind and a reboot.

the Numbers speak for Titz

And this reboot managed to be convincing. Titz under its friendly appearance, substantiated with performance. In a total of 19 games as a HSV coach, the native of Mannheim develop a strong average of 1.79 points. Only legend Ernst Happel, (average of 1.86), Martin Jol (1.92) and icon Branko Zebec (2,05) with the HSV successful. dpa Christian Titz’ dismissal meets in Hamburg with little understanding

However, the bosses moved to last just one clean sheet in their last four games, two points behind the first-place and only two defeats in the current season of the connector.

In a personal interview, the Chairman of the Board Bernd Hoffmann and sporting Director Ralf Becker informed the hard decision. Becker: “I got the first ten in-game days pass. I then become a thing is clear: Either we are Christian, the absolute confidence, or we must separate us from him. With our decision, we will not collect your popularity price. I am of the absolute Conviction that we would be at risk in this constellation of our goals for the season.”

The bitter pill swallowed Titz, according to Becker but with decorum: “He has taken FIRO/FIRO/, SID/ Bernd Hoffmann (R), the decision is absolutely professional. Of course, it was not a nice moment for him. I can only take your hat off to Christian, as he is dealt with.” Boss Hoffmann added: “I am 120 percent behind this decision.”

No wonder, because it is an open secret that the Chairman of the Board from the beginning, was not a Fan of the sympathy carrier, actually, the contract of the former under-21 coach in the summer, not wanted to extend, but out of fear of the reaction of the Fans had to bring. The project rise was so already from the beginning on a Foundation of Sand.

Hoffmann provides once again everything is upside down

After the Premiere in the house of Commons against Holstein Kiel with an embarrassing 0:3 went completely in the pants, wich is also the sport Board of management, Becker, Titz, refused to publicly a commitment to the coach – the beginning of the end!

The largest charge of the bosses: Titz wanted to use the big stage of HSV, in order to realize itself. In addition, the club authorities dealing with Top income earner Pierre-Michel Lasogga (3.4 million euros per year) was a thorn in the side of the Titz after his three-pack against Heidenheim, for tactical reasons, the Team rotated and functioned since then, almost only as the Joker. dpa/Daniel Bockwoldt After 225 days, Ex-HSV-coach Christian Titz

dismissed: Now the man that last like no other for a better HSV-future, history. Hoffmann has a shot with the next dismissal of the HSV and back again. First, he heaved himself from the Supervisory Board on the post of CEO, he fired the previous Boss Heribert bruchhagen, sporting Director Jens Todt, as well as Junior chef Bernhard Peters. Now Titz needs to go. Celebrated, loved, fired – when HSV goes quickly. The Titz, knew said in September to the MOPO: “You always have to deliver and win games.” The game against the bosses he has lost.

This article was written by Philipp Simon, Matthias linen Bruges

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