Wet road: 21-Year-old motorist collides frontally counter truck and dies


Schneizelreuth – The man came to police from Thursday because of the wet road into a Skid. The Austrians fell into a slight curve to the right with his VW Bus on the opposite lane and crashed there for the front of an oncoming tractor-trailer crashed into.

a lot of helpers, including a nurse, as well as emergency responders from the fire Department and the Red cross, tried only tried to save the young man, but had no Chance, since he had suffered the violent impact of fatal injuries.

The 53-year-old driver of the truck suffered in the accident on Wednesday minor injuries and shock.

+ VW-Bus has been completely destroyed.© BRK BGL

able car Due to only one lane passable and jammed load the blocked site at the bottom mountain the forces of the accident site very delayed, but you had to go on foot. The Traunsteiner rescue helicopter “Christoph 14” was in use.

The B21 was at work during the rescue and afterwards, for the opinion, and the salvage until released by the road maintenance Bischofswiesen at 22.15 clock locked.



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