WahlSwiper: state election in Bavaria, 2018: Which party will you choose?


a model for the functioning of the Dating App “Tinder”. For this, the user must answer questions, either via an App or on the website of the “WahlSwipers”. However, the “WahlSwiper is meant to be”, as well as other programs that are intended to clarify the question of which party is to own policy setting most likely to fit, only for basic orientation.

The actual choice decision must be taken by each person entitled to vote yourself – and you should, of course, more information than the evaluation of an App.

state elections in Bavaria: click Here for the WahlSwiperAlternativetool to decision making: the choice-O work-matland tags choice Bayern are the top candidates of the major political party supporting the application “WahlSwiper”

The concept is based on the swipe function of Dating App “Tinder”. If you swipe to the right, answered the question with a “Yes”. If you swipe to the left, answered the question with “no”. If the user does not wish to answer a question, he may skip you. It is also possible to weight the questions that are personally important topics, twice.

For the development of the App policy worked together, among others, students, journalists and video producers.

questions of electoral assistance “WahlSwiper”

The user has 30 questions on various policy areas such as Renewable energies, for minimum wage, to education or to the asylum policy answer. The questions are short and easily formulated. A Video is used for a more detailed explanation of the subject in question, and can be played on demand.

“WahlSwiper” shows the result in percent information

The questions were sent in advance to the parties for response. You have answered all 30 questions, you get the result. Our results can be compared with the responses of the parties. The user is given to all parties in a value to Match in percentages.

in Addition, can be viewed as the explanations of the parties to the answers. So, the user receives additional information about the detailed intentions of the parties. There is also the possibility that the individual questions be clicked on and an Overview of the responses of the parties to look at.

difference of the “WahlSwipers” to the “Wahl-O-Mat”

The “Wahl-O-Mat”, which is operated by the Federal centre for political education, is the most well-known web application of the decision support for the elections. In comparison to the “WahlSwiper” you have the possibility to reply with “neutral”, if you don’t have a strong opinion on a topic or a specific topic is not so important. In both cases, theses can also be skipped.

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