“Wahl-O-Mat to the Hesse-choice: Which party suits me?”


On the 28. October will be chosen in the Hesse Landtag. Then the choice can be of the approximately 6.2 million inhabitants entitled to decide which party should get as much decision-making power. In the last state elections five years ago, the CDU, 47 received seats, the SPD 37. With some distance, the Greens, the Left and the FDP followed. The AfD was not previously represented in the Parliament.

represent the positions of the individual parties, in their programs. Reduced to 38 theses, answers to the pressing questions, but also in the Wahl-O-Mat of the Federal center for political education, to facilitate the choice decision. The application is available as an App, you can complete the survey but also easy on the Desktop. Click here for the Wahl-O-Mat for the Hesse-choice.

How does the Wahl-O-Mat?

The user will be presented different positions on current issues, which cannot be answered with “agree”, “agree” or “Neutral”. Also Skip is possible. Topics which appear to the user is particularly important, can be marked with a star. This will be a double a rating. In the last step, you choose a maximum of eight parties, which are to be taken into account in the evaluation.

on the Basis of the answers and the priorities selected by the option-O determines Mat, finally, what party fits best. In the case of Decision problems can help in retrospect, the respective opinions of the parties to each of the theses.

What is the critique of the choice-O-Mat is? Analysis of the decay of a people’s party – the clueless SPD dpa

probably The biggest criticism of the Wahl-O-Mat are its simplifications. Major issues are reduced in the query to a single Thesis. So you can give the user a quick Overview without a lot of effort to answer the questions, will remain in his Knowledge, but quite superficial. Since the questions in the state election in relation to the election to the Bundestag, however, rather specific and the issues are complex, small, not bear the criticism here is as strong as last year.

Alternatives to the decision-making

To the Federal election last year on ploppten many applications should represent a decision error for the voters. That especially young people get into the voting booth often sweat, have also made private developers to use. In addition to the “Wahl-O-Mat”, there were many more Apps and websites on which the own answers with the positions of the various parties were cross-checked. At this year’s state election in Hesse, the variety of Alternatives is significantly narrower, two applications could be worthwhile nevertheless.

Grand coalition to Bavaria-choice repudiation of “politics of 30 years ago”: As the second row to the front of the dashes Of Daniel Wüstenberg


WahlSwiper is political orientation in the “Tinder”dress. According to the style of the famous Dating App, the Berlin-based Agency “movact-developed” in cooperation with the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg and Goethe University-Frankfurt am Main, Germany an application, in the case of the users of your opinion of different theses by wiper movements. The difference to the BPB Original: The user of the “WahlSwipers” has to do without the answer option “Neutral”. The manufacturers say on their decision: “We are in a clear edge. With us, there’s only ‘Yes’ and ‘no’, not a ‘maybe’. The parties sometimes brings a sweat, to help you in the decision.”


Who makes his choice of digital topics, should view the Digital-O-Mat. A combination of various cooperation partners, including the Chaos Computer Club and the Alliance of Free education, has developed a Wahl-O-Mat-similar to the application of the ten topics from the area of the Digital sensing. So, for example, freedom of information, publicly funded Software-developments, or predictive policing. The Digital-O-Mat is meant as an additional source of information in addition to the Wahl-O-Mat, because digital topics would, according to the manufacturer in the General election-reporting is often too short.

sources: bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg, Germany, the Wahl-O-Mat, WahlSwiper, Digital-O-Mat



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