“VK.com: extreme Right-wing soft on Russian Facebook rip-off”


extreme Right-wing soft according to the findings of the Central jugendschutz.net in the light of increased controls on social networks, increasingly on the Russian network platform vk.com (VKontakte). This offer applies in the scene as a “safe haven”, as the operator of criminal law, delete the relevant content is rare. Meanwhile, there is “the entire spectrum of right-wing extremism”, – said in a report published on Monday in Mainz. With no age control, there is also “extreme right-wing killing videos could be retrieved”.

since one year, effective network of enforcement of the law have legal causes extreme actors to look for alternative platforms, said jugendschutz.net. The NetzDG was a start, said Federal Minister for family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD). Now need to think about which improvements are useful. The planned redesign of the youth protection act is about to reach for your sake as well as for foreign Internet services. “The rules must be placed so that they apply to all, regardless of whether the provider is in the Rhineland-sitting Palatinate, or in California,” said Giffey, a visit to the Central office jugendschutz.net in Mainz, Germany.

criticism of the Nude content on Youtube and the Power of the sexual charms

The Minister called the two blocks for the protection of children and youth. On the one hand, prevention and Monitoring should be strengthened, and children and young people are made ready against hatred and Propaganda. On the other hand, it is a matter of effective legal protection measures. The last 2002/2003 revised youth protection law come from the “era of CD-Rom and video-cassette”. Whether the revision could be in the coming year, the Cabinet presented, was not yet in sight. It was planned but a completion by the end of the legislative period in 2021.

Jugendschutz.net requests deletion of content

The staff of jugendschutz.net recorded last year an average of 37,500 notes to the depiction of sexual exploitation of minors, around nine Times as many as in 2016. In the case of extreme-right Propaganda she registered 1340 violations of the law, including 595 Times for sedition and 451 Times because of the use of symbols of unconstitutional organisations. In over 88 percent of the cases, deletion or blocking of had been achieved. This ratio reached in the case of YouTube, 98 percent, in the case of Twitter, 97 percent, in the case of Facebook 95 percent and vk.com 36 per cent.

The provider responded with messages of jugendschutz.net rather, as in the case of messages easier for users, said the Deputy head Stefan Glaser. The nonprofit organization was founded in 1997 in Mainz, Germany, as a joint centre of competence of the Federation and the länder.

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