US politics: His opponents were sent pipe bombs – Trump complains to the media


If he talks in private with friends: the Chinese and the Russians listen to Trumps phone

7.50 PM: As the “New York Times” reported, US President, Donald Trump has become a victim of eavesdropping by the Chinese and the Russians – and when he uses his private iPhone. His staff had warned the President that the use of this, but Trump is not impressed. According to the news portal, he uses the phone to talk with friends about the latest gossip and exchange news. It was unclear how to discuss the President’s secret information. The Chinese should now have a list of friends with whom the President is communicating on a regular basis. The intention behind it: to influence The environment of the President so that they can bring to the President the interests of the Chinese people closer.

His opponents were sent pipe bombs – Now, Trump alleges, “the media,”

Thursday, 25. October 2018, 3.20 PM: After the dispatch of several pipe bombs at critics of Donald Trump, the US has called for the President to more decency in the political debate and the responsibility of the media, emphasized. “Those who are in the political Arena, you need to stop treating political opponents as morally flawed,” said Trump on Wednesday evening (local time) for re-election in the state of Wisconsin. Trump excels however, on a regular basis with violent attacks on the opposition Democrats and other critics, takes frequently the sound, or can even be offensive. Most recently, he referred to the Democrats several times as a “Criminal” and “Mob”.

The President said before his supporters in the town of Mosinee continued: “We should not accost people in a public space or public property to destroy.” He also took journalists to the duty. “The media also have a responsibility to set a civilized tone, and to stop the endless hostility, as well as the constant negative and often false attacks and stories.” Trump himself has referred to unpleasant media reports critical of him repeatedly as “enemies of the people”. Last Thursday, he praised a Congressman for his violent attack on a journalist.

Shortly before the congressional elections, which are due at the beginning of November in the United States, had made the discovery of the pipe bombs on Wednesday for sedition. They were to prominent democratic politicians and Trump critics such as Ex-President Barack Obama, the former addressed to Secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Ex-CIA Director John Brennan, but were intercepted in time. One of the bombs was discovered in the letter the centre of the channel to CNN.

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