UPDATE: 310-Bitcoin-puzzles cracked


10. October, reported to BTC-ECHO of the Bitcoin treasure hunt that circulated for a while in the social networks. An unknown Reddit user published a cryptographic encryption, which contains a total of four different Private Keys, one of which is a value of 310 Bitcoin. Yesterday evening, at 10. October, was cracked the puzzle at last – a rest of hope left to the treasure hunters.

To recap: Currently there is a virtual treasure courses search on the net, in which the winner had the Chance to win a total of 310 Bitcoin. The treasure had to remove the viewfinder, only a small, but fine cryptographic puzzles. In the mosaic of the hidden Private Key that it gave to decrypt, would then grant access to said Bitcoin.

What are the motives of pursuing the Creator of the puzzle and who is the originator of the Challenge, is still unclear. The Reddit User, called Pip, is according to own data since the very early days, and has already started early with the Bitcoin Mining. Money plays no role anymore, since he could create as a result of his early Bitcoin enthusiasm enough.

And the winner is …?

Mainly Pip wool with the Challenge so fun. Fun at the Play and also fun to feel that 310 BTC won. The latter is done to him last night, as he announced in Reddit.

“The BTC deposits were just picked up. Who has always won the first prize, please get in touch with me!“,

so Pip at Reddit. Apparently, the authors of the game want it to come with the Person who was smart enough to solve the puzzle. The winner has not yet ruled on the question.

don’t despair, a consolation prize is still possible

Even if the big fish was already drawn to the country – a small herring swims still in the pond. After the User “Lustre” and “aaron” have cracked the two Keys for the 0.1 and 0.2 BTC in the last week, remain still at 0.31 BTC in the mosaic left. Nearly 2,000 US dollars at the current exchange rate should be for Rätsefreunde reason enough to toss.


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