The SPD and their next choice-nightmare: after Hesse, only the organ donation?


It sounds like a very, very bitter punch line. On Sunday, the persons entitled to vote in the state of Hesse are put together alone for your future Parliament. You also have to vote for the death penalty. No, it’s not about the election result for the SPD, the oldest party of our country, which has survived in the eyes of some, so much so that it is at the time, the artificial respiration shut off and donate after determination of brain death for the viable institutions to the Green. It is really about the death penalty. Which is provided in the Hessian Constitution until today. Therefore, the voters will find a ballot: “the repeal of the regulations on the death penalty”. 14 other amendments to the Constitution are put to the vote. As a say, the walk for choice is not worth the local on the coming Sunday in the state of Hesse.

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a policy is much more than what politicians say. Of Josef Seitz is convinced. He has directed a regional newspaper, and a media trade magazine, was the editor-in-chief of some of the great TV magazines, head of Department and Editor at the news magazine FOCUS. For FOCUS Online, he developed a passion for what can be a policy, a topic that concerns us all.

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the core of the choice is to stay in the state Parliament. It would be no Surprise if the success of the Greens in Bavaria continues. The conditions are ideal for these new Conservatives. As in Bavaria, the most in the state of Hesse. The “wealth barometer” of the Sparkassen – und giroverband to certify the Hesse even the top spot in terms of financial satisfaction in Germany. 72 percent felt financially “well or very well” situated. This allows the voters the luxury to do with his ballot, something for the ecological Conscience. Even if he goes on the Monday after the election with the SUV, at the health food store.

Thomas Schäfer-Gümbel – too long A Name for success?

In some of the surveys had pushed the Green even in the classic red of Hesse, the SPD. The fault is not in the top candidates. Where: Who observed it a little longer, has learned that the chances of success of candidates on the name of reading. Schmidt, Brandt, Kohl, ostrich – the monosyllabic brevity. That leaves nothing Good to be expected for the Hessian SPD top candidate Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, who has far too many syllables and far too few ordinary voters know why they should actually make your cross in the SPD.

The Arbeitertum as the classic Electorate of the party is long gone lost. Meanwhile, a whole new base be adopted. Nationwide, 6.1 million people with migration are entitled to the history, including 1.3 million German Turks. Even in 2016, 70 percent of them indicated that the SPD almost. Today, it has halved the number to 35 percent, as the University of Essen analyzed after the last Federal election. For the voters with an immigrant background, the SPD has no history of success. On the contrary, It seems to confirm that those who have economic success, you can start with the party of Enjoyed not much more. Thus, the party has lost its double bottom. As I said: On Sunday, the Hessen decide on the death penalty in your country. And the Federal government about the Survival of the Grand coalition and life-prolonging measures for the SPD.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit “SPD-Minister, do good work, but…“: acorn, explains how it hooks up at party


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