“The jews are children of Satan”


    authorities identified during the night of Saturday to Robert Bowers as the only author of the massacre at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, in which 11 people were killed and six others were injured. Not revealed his age, but police sources cited by media reported that it is a white man of 46 years old. The first reports indicate that the shooter was building up a clear history of anti-semitism, although he had no criminal background. “The actions of Robert Bowers represent the worst of humanity,” announced the prosecutor’s office. He promised “quick action and severe” against the attacker, who will be charged with federal crimes of hate.

    MORE INFORMATION A gunslinger, cause 11 killed in a synagogue in Pittsburgh in full prayer

    A profile in the social networks of Bowers contained messages of anti-semitic, including a suggestion that it was going to take some kind of action, according to u.s. media who had access to the profile before it was closed. “I can’t sit and watch how my people are massacred,” he wrote, six minutes before the shooting on the day of the sabbath. “I don’t care what it may seem to you. I’m going to go inside”, he added.

    Bowers was residing in Pittsburgh. It is known that was equipped with an assault rifle, and three pistols. Was wounded by police shots in the synagogue the Tree of life, but last night his condition was stable. As in all the killings that are rocking the united States (a country where there is almost the same number of inhabitants that firearms in private hands), one of the first clues to solve will be to clarify how he obtained the guns and if they did it legally. According to CNN, the man has an active license and made at least six purchases of weapons since 1996. On the 29th of September, Bowers was published on the social network GAB —that just restricts the content of their messages— a picture of his “family” of guns that boasted of them.

    authorities said no information on what he did exactly Bowers within the synagogue during those 20 minutes, but the CBS spoke with witnesses who claim that he shouted “all jews must die” before he opened fire. In the message published shortly before the shooting, Bowers also mentions HIAS, a jewish organization of immigrant aid, which accuses him of bringing invaders “who kill our people.” In another previous message, mentioned information of HIAS on sabbats that were going to be held to help refugees.

    In your profile, the attacker had a biography in which he claimed that “jews are children of Satan” and had a picture with a target that read “1488”, which is considered a symbol of white supremacists. He wrote, also, about conspiracy theories and his opinion of the us president, Donald Trump, which ensures that you not vote in the elections of 2016.

    After the killing, the social network GAB condemned “all acts of terrorism and violence”. “The mission of GAB is very simple: to defend freedom of expression and individual freedom online for the whole world”, said in a statement. The profile of Bowers was closed down and the company got in touch with the FBI.


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