The british want to be american


    “the united States and the United Kingdom are two countries separated by the same language”. Something so said the irishman Oscar Wilde, a witness of the dramatic differences between the two shores of the Atlantic, accentuated in the decades of the unusual europeanism of the british.

    The Brexit has made them return by their fueros, the dream of the Bridge, Atlantic, as it was called at the think tank created between 1997 and 2011 by Liam Fox, in the delirium of the ‘neocons’. In his renewed role as secretary of International Trade, Fox has dusted off the eternal links with the so-called Initiative for the Free Trade.

    Let me speak clearly: the great ambition after the break with Europe, marriage is incestuous with US, and that is something that figure for years on the agenda of Boris Johnson, that in 2015 introduced the report Prosperity for all, an ode to neo-liberalism to the american. The third musketeer of the Brexit, Michael Gove, has also historical ties with the American Enterprise Institute.

    And that’s not to mention the pumping hands of the Cato Institute or the connections, transatlantic, Steve Bannon, for whom the Brexit was something like the Trojan horse of the trumpismo in Europe, with the invaluable help of Nigel Farage… In the background, the Brexit is the excuse that they needed the conservative hard to force the swerve to the american in the british society. The path was already marked out in advance, with the privatization of the limping railways and prisons, or the progressive dismantlement of the public health. The high rates of obesity and the soaring debt of the young people (by the rope of college tuition) are two other symptoms of the irresistible americanism of the british, determined to give back to their european neighbours and to throw himself into the arms of the old colony. Doomed finally to be understood in the same language.

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