Tesla needs a Hardware upgrade for its robot functions


    in the year 2016 Tesla could order-buyer, the Option of “Full Self-Driving” – a self-propelled System on the 4th Level of Autonomous driving (see Info-box). All the necessary Hardware is already on Board and the customer could have the Option later, simply switch off the power, promised Musk at the time. On the road, only the Level Two work with the “Autopilot” in the cars of the electric car pioneer yet. The Americans actually don’t have a tab in front of Premium competitors from Mercedes, Audi or Cadillac, even if they suggested it.

    self-propelled function needs to be upgraded

    Now, the “Full Self-Driving”Option suddenly disappeared in the Configurator of the models, to the confusion of many Tesla customers. The solution to the riddle CEO Elon Musk provided, as usual, via Twitter: The required Hardware was never actually on Board the cars. You would only be installed in six months, in the new Tesla’s. For older cars but can be retrofitted – for 5000 US dollars. In the price of the installation of a new control unit for the autopilot, which enables the robot functions is included. New Sensors were not necessary. The System had to be approved by the authorities, the manufacturer. The five levels of Autonomous driving

    The concepts of Autonomous and automated are frequently used synonymously, there are important differences. These are the five levels of Autonomous driving:

    Level 0: The driver controls the car.Level 1: There are assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control or lane change Warner , which support the driver only. This technique is today widely used to down in the small area.Level 2: This is the Level on which modern vehicles of the upper middle class and upper class are already now. Semi-automated systems can take over certain functions, for example track guide, or semi-automated parallel Parking. Models such as the latest Mercedes E-class, Tesla’s Model S and Model X or the BMW 5-series is already familiar to the Level 2. In the case of Tesla were temporarily unlocked even more features, but after a few incidents back to back.Level 3: this is The (highly)automated Driving, the driver, although any intervention must be able to, but also other things, may turn to, if the System is activated. With a pre-warning time, the driver may be asked to take the lead again. As standard, the Level 3, for example, the Audi A8 is developed .Level 4: At the fully-automated Driving, the driver can intervene when the System fails, however, as a rule, the car should take care of everything. This Level is tested by various car manufacturers and suppliers, as well as Tech companies currently in practice.Level 5: The actual Autonomous Driving, no driver is required. You don’t need the steering Wheel more or other controls. The occupant will act to pure pass.

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