SPD-style debate, anger at Merkel, arms exports: Lehnartz looks back on the week


From the “Titanic”, it was reported that the orchestra played so until shortly before the fall. In a comparable situation, admire the finds of value left SPD, time for a style debate. Was triggered by a year-old photo shows a Men’s watch of the variety Rolex on the Arm of the Berlin SPD-state Secretary, Sawsan Chebli.

This took place in the usual social media with the comment: “Everything you need to know about the state of German social democracy 2018.” That would have recognizing can be meant to be – in the sense of: taste, safety and style of democratic mandate, perception of social carriers have improved since the Gotha Congress in 1875, continuously.

But the remark was mainly aimed at the presumed distance of the wearer of the rolex Basis. Mrs Chebli responded on Twitter on Saturday with the announcement, no one say “what is poverty”, after all, you’ve waited as a child for months, “wooden pencils”.

it is Unclear whether the deprivation of crayons in the Childhood of the SPD-Taliban is accepted as a Legitimation for the acquisition of an entry-level Rolex, in the adult age. Such debates fall anywhere on nahrhafteren the ground than in the moralistic slightly acidified Germany. In France, no one complains when Christine Lagarde, dressed neatly and with a Hermès bag to go to work. But there’s also other things to be seen looser.

Angela Merkel was among the week in the state of Hesse, the country’s population believing that it will not be voted on Sunday about the Federal government, but only in Hessen. “If you have anger, on the, what’s going on in Berlin, write me a letter”, advised the Chancellor on Monday in Kassel, Germany, a below-average euphorisierten the election campaign, the audience may trust the fact that hardly anyone letter paper and fountain pen.

In the Chancellery to pay nevertheless expects in the coming week with significantly increased letter post. Eventually, a Federal election, come again, the Chancellor consoled. It is questionable whether the Hessen want to leave such a long stall.

On Thursday for his thorough and independent investigation famous General of the state indicated a lawyer of Saudi Arabia, the Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was more likely to be intentional, and possibly not entirely coincidentally, in a scuffle to have been cut. Anyone who has taken the intent, said the Prosecutor, as a precaution.

occasionally with Vladimir Putin walzernde Austrian foreign Minister, Karin Kneissl, suggested that given the occasion, also on Thursday, an EU-wide arms embargo against Saudi Arabia, was but the French President Macron for little enthusiasm.

The enlightened-sounding Sunday famous French President talk called the idea to stop arms shipments to a country, the journalists dismembered, and the neighboring country of Yemen in the starvation bomb, on Friday, mere “demagoguery”. You may not please “confuse everything”. Especially morality in business. As I said, in France it is not clamped morally so.

In Miami has been arrested on Friday a man who is suspected to have Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as various Trump-critics of letter bombs sent. The surprising way to merchandise a large area with Trump-Velcro-vans of the Suspect showed, among other things, Hillary Clinton in the crosshairs.

In right-wing media, it was speculated then that it could be. the suspect is a Left action, as a Right-wing disguise Interesting Thesis. On Wednesday, Halloween. Maybe I’ll go there as a Linker.


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