Safety for seniors and a good feeling for members of


Munich – Up to a high age independently in their own four walls of life and feel safe doing it – the wish for many people. However, many seniors are troubled with the idea that in an emergency situation in their own apartment, the phone can no longer reach to get help. Also in their relatives, there is growing concern: What happens if the aid is necessary and no one is in the vicinity?

“Many older people and their families therefore rely on the in-house emergency call,” says Max Meßner, home emergency,-the expert of the Johanniter-unfall-Hilfe in Munich. “The Johanniter-house emergency call gives the seniors safety in their own four walls and their relatives can be confident that in case professional help is not guaranteed, even if you are in the neighborhood or in the neighborhood life.”

How does the Johanniter-house emergency?

heart of the Johanniter-house emergency call system is a small transmitter that can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or Clip. If help is needed, just the push of a button, to reach the house emergency headquarters of the knights of St John. Knowledgeable employees take round-the-clock emergency and arrange for the necessary help. On request, automatically, members will be informed. The safety system can be extended to the case of detectors, motion and smoke detectors, as well as to the depositing of the front door key.


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