Restaurant : taste Buds, brunch transcendent


You are what american dancer for over sixty years. Elongated up to the tip of the nose, you wear your hair as white as a prince timeless and his crown. The ceiling height of Papillae (six or seven metres) suits you perfectly. Your every step is a bounce. You sit on the chair of rattan in the spanning such a frame of imagination. You are a cow-boy of the space. Yes, you have something of David Bowie, just like this place of light and brick where you have your habits. You like it because it is a place that is ” trans “.

” Transporel “, do you want to write, in your the French American exported. We eat there all day dishes from breakfast, as if time could stop at this time fuzzy where one has not yet drunk his tea, where the body is in transition between the dream and the action.

Transsexual : a couple has just entered. Young man with beard, a frank expression ; young woman in man’s shirt, breasts dancing, they all wear the two clappers, which leave see their toes. The young man has the nails painted with a varnish grey. While holding the hand of his beloved, he looks at the androgynous sitting at the next table and seems to enjoy the long earring that touches her cheek, glabrous. You could be him, or the other, or all three, do you think savoring the chocolate fondant.

The taste for travel

cross-Cultural. Now that you have finished your fondant and drank the sobatcha (an infusion of japanese roasted buckwheat), the rest of the card, designed by the Franco-Vietnamese Céline Pham, you in the eye. Sandwiches scandinavian rub the famous banh mi vietnamese or the eggs Benedict of your Sunday in new york. You don’t know this woman, but the server is so nice you explained that it was a self-cook, as it looks like a free-thinker. She travels and kitchen, where he was invited. For taste Buds, she slipped in the menu already existing and has interpreted. Fell in love with the basque Country, she surfs. A woman agile, so. You order the tortilla, to honour her last crush. She is perfect.

On seeing on the table of your neighbour, the banh mi (called banh nini à la carte) toast, stuffed with a caramelized chicken and tagliatelle, carrot pickles, you regret being a vegetarian. It goes with the fingers, pourlèche lips, wriggling almost on his chair. You acknowledge that the dance of contentment. The chou-fleur violet, roasted whole and topped with sesame sauce, sprinkled with pine nuts, crushed hazelnuts and buckwheat, reminds you that your way of life is also full of surprises enticing.

You begin a dance suspended, that of the tasting. Has slow movements, you tear the tops of the cabbage-flower, dripping, drop them in the sacrosanct temple of your mouth and you let yourself amaze by the smoothness of the cream that supports the crunchiness of the vegetable. A new adjective that comes to mind is : transcendent.

address : taste Buds, 77, rue Rochechouart, Paris 9th. the
Open Thursday to Monday, from 9 hours to 17 hours. the
Tel. : 09-50-78-16-32.

The addition of : around 25 €.

insider trading : a slight hangover will give a flavor even more comforting to these dishes generous.

must-haves : the roasted cauliflower, the banh nini, the banana bread…

The downside : it is very rich, so you can’t taste at all. Damage.

The award, it feels like the taste Buds like a second home : the decor and the cuisine are soothing.


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