Renaud, Orelsan and Angela the winners of the Great prize 2018 Sacem


    The singer Renaud receives the special award, won last year by Salvatore Adamo. After being folded to a withdrawal treatment in September, which had worried at the highest point of his fans, the singer 66-year-old has resumed his work on a new album around the theme of childhood, after the grand success of her last album, sold 800,000 copies.

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    group Leader Indochina , Nicola Sirkis will be awarded the grand prize of the French song, as creator and interpreter. The songwriter Pierre-Dominique Burgaud, who has written much for Johnny Hallyday and Alain Chamfort, received the award in the single title of creator. The rapper Orelsan, star of the last Wins of the music, has been awarded to Basic , taken from his album The party’s over . The title, the chorus of the catchy song, has been crowned song of the year by the Sacem, which has also honored the young singer of the belgian Angela ( Price Francis Lemarque of the revelation of the year). At the age of 22, she met with success since several months, with her voice sweet and her lyrics biting, featured in his first album, Brol .

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    the Other woman rewarded: the singer Imany won the grand prize of the directory to export. The rapper MC Solaar, who has made a come-back after a ten year absence with his album Geopoetics , receives the grand prize of urban music. He is back on stage this fall with a tour in france.

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    The Main prize of the Sacem awards, which recognize each year of composers, authors and publishers, members of the Society, to the outcome of the vote of its board of directors, date back to the 1940s and to exist in their present form since the 1970s. This year, the award ceremony will take place on 10 December, in the salle Pleyel in Paris.

    Top 2018

    Angela Price – Francis Lemarque of revelation

    Pierre-Dominique Burgaud – Grand Prize for French song (creator)

    Jérôme Commandeur – Grand Prix of humor

    Etienne de Crecy – Grand Prix electronic music

    Michael Dunn (Because Editions) – Grand Prize for music publishing

    Michel Gondry – Grand Prix of the author-director of the audiovisual

    Imany – Grand Prix du repertoire Sacem export

    MC Solaar – Grand Prize of the urban music

    Pascal Parisot – Great Price directory young audiences

    Renaud – Special Price

    Colin Roche – Grand Prize for symphony music (young composer)

    Philippe Rombi – Great music Award for the image

    Calypso Rose – Grand Prix des musiques du monde,

    Philippe Schoeller – Grand Prize for symphony music (career)

    Nicola Sirkis (group Indochina ) – Grand Prize for French song (creator-performer)

    Laurent de Wilde – Grand Prix du jazz

    Basic ( Orelsan ) – Prix Rolf Marbot for song of the year

    Shape Of You ( Ed Sheeran ) – the Price of the international work of the year

    Chocolate ( Artist ) – Prize of the Society for the administration of the right of mechanical reproduction of authors


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