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Relayr read wanted to connect our lives. Founded in 2013, built the Berlin-based company, for example, Sensors, connecting our environment with the Internet: a motion sensor that tells if someone is standing in front of the door. A humidity sensor that reports when the office needs plant of water. A temperature sensor that know when the water is boiling.

That sounds like an unnecessary Gimmick: the one Who stands in front of the door, rings the bell, the palm tree next to the computer, reduces thirst, the leaves or brown, and that the water is bubbling in the next few minutes, as soon as I place it in the pot on the stove: logical. As with earn some money, something that appeals to, at most, Inventors and tinkerers?

The history of Relayr could easily have been here to be chosen. But a few weeks ago, managing Director Josef Brunner: announced The former Start-up is taken over by the billion-dollar insurance company Munich Re. And the significant enterprise value of 300 million US dollars – one of the most expensive Start-up-sales at all in Germany.

Relayr had Started as a Crowdfunding. The Wonderful the product was. What looked like a chocolate bar, was filled with electronics instead of nougat: WLAN-module, sound detector, moisture meter and a few other Sensors. The target audience: software developers and developers. The experiment is useful in order to connect people with the things that surround it. Even an electronics market took the bars to the range.

However, the idea remained nischig. And Relayr might be gone, if not Josef Brunner in 2015 would have on the management role and together with the founders had decided to change the business model. Instead of everyday devices, the company equips the meantime, factories and machinery by large industrial customers with Sensors. So Relayr cared for example of the coffee machine company La Marzocco, which are mainly in cafes. In the devices, Sensors-temperature, and high frequency noise measure to determine when individual components need to be replaced – and, before you go broken. With this timely maintenance, predictive maintenance, companies can save a lot of money. And it is the area in which the initial Wonderful-Sensors are used.

the new business model, secured Relayr more than 60 million US dollars of investment. Belonged to the donors of the American venture capitalists Kleiner Perkins, the Telecom and the terms of the reinsurance, Munich Re.

Relayr is benefiting from the behind

The success of Relayr, however, has another key component. Germany, just by the world economic forum determined the most innovative country in the world, there is a Stigma: Calculated in terms of digitization, companies are lagging behind, and indeed society, is to say it again and again. Relayr benefits. Because companies that are not prepared yet on the Internet, need help. And that’s exactly the can offer Relayr.

How bad is the digitization (and how great, accordingly, the market potential of Relayr), illustrate two indices: a European comparison of the digitization index of DESI Germany as a mediocre digitized. The business Digital index, the centre for European economic research (ZEW) in Mannheim collects for the Federal Ministry of economy, the German economy 54 out of a possible 100 points. The industry is 45 points behind the overall economy. Many companies are simply not prepared to networked business models in the industry. After all, the awareness in the companies has increased in the past two years, says Irene Bertschek, head of the Research Department of Digital Economics at the ZEW, and one of the authors of the study. Was 2016, almost half of the industrial enterprises of the view that digitisation projects are not even necessary, found the 2018 and only 29 percent.


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