“Our proposal, Mr. minister, to assess the toxicity of pesticides”


    Tribune. Mr. minister, you said on the antenna of RTL, October 19 : “On the question of babies without arms, it is necessary that the science does its work. It is up to scientists to demonstrate that there are consequences to the use of pesticides. “What one newspaper [The New Observer] has believed to be able to translate on his site :” Pesticides, Didier Guillaume claims to the scientific evidence of their impact on health “.

    If we stick to the law, this is not the scientific proof of the toxicity of pesticides, but for the industry to demonstrate the absence of harm from their products. In addition, this evidence should be made prior to their placing on the market and validated by independent, certified, as is the case for drugs to be marketed, must have received a marketing authorization (Authorization for placing on the market).

    In the case of excess agenesis transverse member above, there does not currently deny that pesticides are not the cause. The only question was whether there was a need to look further or not ? We believe, and we believe especially that a work of epidemiological analysis and exposure must be achieved without delay.

    We take note of the recent remarks of the minister of health, but we wonder about a considerable delay between the alerts to the concerned services and the investigations, the reports in the Ain dating back to 2010 ! These alerts and investigations that result should be brought to the attention of the public, without waiting for several years, the time eventually delete the possible evidence !

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    On the toxic effects of pesticides, scientists are accumulating evidence for many years, to such an extent that it is no longer necessary to invoke the precautionary principle but that of prevention….


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