Online portal “Twitter for racists”


Before he shot and killed eleven people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, is supposed to have the alleged perpetrator on the Internet portal anti-Semitic, and the fact announced expressed. The operator of the site said that they have blocked the Account of Robert B. and after his arrest, authorities contacted.

“” was brought in 2016 as an Alternative to Twitter on the market. The Portal is described on the home page as “a social network, the freedom of expression, individual freedom and the free flow of information promotes online”. Its founder, Andrew Torba said that sites like Twitter and Facebook would have a left-directed monopoly in the social media. “” Allows users to unfiltered news, so-called GABA, to read up to 300 characters and to write.

“Gave up” was a popular catch-all for “Old Right”activists, extreme right activists and white nationalists, whose views on other social media are undesirable or blocked. US media refer to “Gave” as “Twitter for racists”.

Several Internet companies refuse, “” to work: PayPal pointed out Was the fact that the Portal was excluded to take the money order services of PayPal. Apple and Google have closed the App in 2016 and 2017, among other things due to hate speech from their App Stores.

The company defended Was on Saturday against the criticism and said: “We refuse to let the media reports on Was and to let our community define. Social media often bring out the Best and the Worst of humanity.”



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