New controversy between Rubiales and Thebes: Cardinal tab by Mediapro


that was The State Councillor for Sport approved the Royal Decree for the centralised sale of television rights, which exploits Mediapro.

The audiovisual group Mediapro, who chairs Jaume Roures, incorporated from November to its team of professionals, the former secretary of State for Sport Miguel Cardenal.

Cardinal, who was also chairman of the Higher Sports Council in the first Government of Mariano Rajoy, “will bring her experience and knowledge to contribute to the development of the international area of the group”, as reported today by the Catalan production.

The Mediapro Group, with headquarters in Barcelona and offices in 53 cities in 35 countries, is the first multinational company of the audiovisual sector in Europe, with activity in the production of content for all types of formats, the provision of audiovisual services in all over the world and the management of sports rights.

A new controversy between the RFEF and LaLiga

In 2015, Cardinal, Secretary of State for Sport, got the approval of a Royal Decree, for the centralised sale of television rights, which exploits Mediapro and that meant a great injection to the League, a body that presides over Javier Thebes. “I will never tire of thanking Cardinal the approval of this Decree,” said Thebes.

Cardinal comes to Mediapro after two-year anniversary of the time inconsistency of charges, and for the RFEF has not gone unnoticed:

According to the criteria of

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