Municipal Elections 2020 : to date, issues, results of the first surveys


MUNICIPAL 2020 – two years of the election, which political party is the favorite of the municipal elections ? That is already a candidate ? Why is this election crucial for the majority ?

Summary Elections municipal elections municipal Municipal 2020 vote in the local elections ? Candidates municipal to Paris Candidate for municipal in Marseille Candidates municipal to Lyon Polls, municipal elections Results, municipal Latest news of municipal 2020 news October 21, 2018 – The member Cédric Villani is a “candidate for nomination” LREM for the municipal elections in Paris. In the JDD Sunday, the elected representative of the Essonne department indicates that it expects that the majority party to put in place a fair arrangement in the coming months to ensure that a personality is necessary : “I will be enrolling in the designation process. Regardless of the candidate selected, I will clean out behind it”, he says. Has the AFP, the mathematician had already made it known that he had few ambitions to become the next mayor of the capital : “I am preparing a project for Paris that is intended to register in the overall plan of The Republic”, he said. Reminded that several personalities of the majority have already expressed their ambition for Paris, Benjamin Griveaux, the government spokesman and Mounir Mahjoubi, secretary of State in charge of digital. Municipal Elections : dates, polls… know Everything

The poll takes place only in two years, but he is already preparing, as the challenge is considerable. The campaign of municipal elections, like the presidential election, is still very much followed by the French, who are little to abstain when it is necessary to elect their mayor. The studies show that local concerns are strong, but the issue of municipal exceeds the local perspectives. These elections will mark a turn without doubt be difficult to negotiate for the majority, and constitute a test for the opposition parties, who will count their points in the new political landscape once the new mayors to their positions. Admittedly, the european elections, in 2019, will already identify some lessons about the balance of power between the political parties, but the outcome of the municipal open a any other sequence to Emmanuel Macron.

It ébruite here and there, indeed, that the president of the Republic could initiate a new phase of its five-year term after the election, municipal, and giving a new impetus and proposing new objectives for the French, for the purpose of preparing his re-election. The Parisian, which is based on the confessions of the close relatives of Emmanuel Macron, an assumption of a reshuffle and a change of Prime minister mid-year 2020, after a first reshuffle in October 2018. In fact, several members of the government are eyeing on the municipal; they may be numerous enough to contend for a term of office of mayor, even if that means having to go out of the executive. Who is a candidate ? That is the favorite of the poll ? Who votes where, and when ? already makes the point.

municipal Elections

At the election of the municipal governments, the inhabitants of a municipality shall elect for a term of 6 years the members of the municipal council, which are then the mayor of the commune. During the campaign, the citizens know who wears the presented lists and, therefore, what a candidate within these aims to be mayor. Since the municipal elections of 2014, the voting method is “proportional with a majority bonus” for the municipalities of over 1,000 inhabitants. The candidates of each training are presented as complete lists, as the voters cannot change. The lists having obtained at least 10 % of the votes can keep up in the second round. With 5 % of the votes, the candidates of the list can be merged with another list. For the commune of less than 1000 residents, the vote is “majority plurinominal” with mix : the citizens can vote for candidates of different lists.

Municipal 2020

The party of the current majority, The Republic in March, did not exist in previous municipal elections. For the head of State, for the government and for this young political formation, these first local elections are a test. During municipal 2020, The Republic in Market is it capable to gain a foothold in the municipal councils, to take the important cities, to introduce in the territories a new relationship with the traditional parties ?

Lyon, a city in which the macronisme is deployed prior to and more rapidly than anywhere else, Gérard Collomb could be re-elected with the label LREM. In Paris, everything seems to be open : a victory for the party of Emmanuel Macron would appear to be a major domestic political victory for the majority. The observers will also have his eyes glued to other hot spots : Lille, Nantes, Rennes, Nice, Rouen and Strasbourg, the cities where the ambitions of LREM are already evident. In all municipalities, the challenges will hinge, among other things, around the lists carried out by LREM and alliances that may form to switch the ballots.

Date of municipal elections

The mandate of the mayor and councillor lasts 6 years. In the last municipal elections were held on 23 and 30 march 2014, the next will therefore take place in march 2019. Specific dates will be communicated after the official decision by the Council of ministers, in the coming months.

voting in municipal elections ?

The election of the municipal figure, historically among those who show the greatest participation. To vote you must be 18 years of age, be entered on the electoral register, be in possession of his civil and political rights. It is necessary to posséder the French nationality or that of a member country of the european Union.

Who is a candidate in the local elections in Paris ?

It is likely that Anne Hidalgo defended its balance sheet and represents, for a second mandate in the capital. Face it, LREM shall present a candidate that is expected to achieve a good score and might be able to impose (see the section on surveys in this article). Four figures emerge : Benjamin Griveaux, the government spokesman, who has never hidden his ambitions for Paris ; the secretary of State to digital, Mounir Mahjoubi, who wants to get in the race ; Hugues renson explained, congressman of the 13th district, and Cédric Villani, member of parliament and mathematician. The right and the IDU should submit a candidate common, Florence Berthout. EELV was chosen as the spokesperson for media coverage of the party, Julien Bayou. France Insubordinate can count on Danielle Simonnet. The national Gathering has its local figure, Wallerand de Saint-Just. The former advisor to com’ of François Hollande, Gaspard Gantzer, brig also the city hall of Paris. Finally, the owner Marcel Campion also submit a list.

Who is a candidate for municipal in Marseille ?

For the time being, only two people have made public their intention to be a candidate for mayor of Marseille : the RN Stéphane Ravier and the LR Bruno Gilles, who has the support of the outgoing mayor, Jean-Claude Gaudin. In spite of the dubbed, he might have to face the application of the mp Valérie Boyer, very interested in the municipal. It is quite likely that Jean-Luc Mélenchon, member of parliament for the city, launches in the race. LREM hope to delight the commands of the phocaean city to the right and could capitalize on the party’s leader, Christophe Castaner. But the training policy stamped Macron could also trust a member of parliament Saïd Ahamada. On the left, the socialist Samia Ghali could be a candidate.

Who is a candidate in the local elections in Lyon ?

In the capital of the Gauls, the nomination of Gérard Collomb, formalised in The Express in mid-September, is no surprise. The minister of the Interior, who had had to abandon its local functions with the government, has left the national executive with a crash at the end of September, to resume the orders of the municipality and campaign, with the aim of starting a new mandate. Has this announcement, the mayor of the first arrondissement, Nathalie Perrin-Gilbert, had launched a public appeal on Twitter : “The left, humanist, environmentalist, citizen, we get together in Lyon ?”.

Surveys on the municipal elections

at the Beginning of July 2018, Harris Interactive conducted a poll for The parliamentary Channel-the national Assembly to take the pulse of public opinion on the upcoming municipal elections. If it is necessary to take this investigation with great care, taking into account the later date of the election and of the agglomeration in terms of voting intentions at the national level, early indications are illuminating. Have been interviewed 1674 people living in communes over 10 000 inhabitants. Arrive in the lead in voting intentions : LREM-Modem (27%), the PS-EELV (19%) and LR (18%). Then come, in order : the RN (13%), France Insubordinate-PCF (9%), IDU (5%), Standing France (5%).

in Paris, according to an Ifop poll carried out for Le Journal du Dimanche, Anne Hidalgo (PS) and Benjamin Griveaux (LREM) would be elbow to elbow (23% of voting intentions each). Then : Florence Berthout (RL-IDU) to 21% ; Julien Bayou (EELV) to 9% ; and Danielle Simonnet (BIA) to 7% ; Wallerand de Saint-Just (RN) to 6% ; Gaspard Gantzer (Paris, Paris) 4% ; Marcel Campion (2%).

the Results of the municipal

How are distributed the seats in the municipal council ? It all depends on the results of the elections. In communes of more than 1000 inhabitants, is attributed in a first time the list came in mind a number of seats equal to half the number of seats to be filled. Then, the other seats of the municipal council are distributed among all lists by proportional representation, following the rule of highest average. The lists that have not obtained 5% of votes are not taken into account in the allocation of seats.

In the communes of less than 1,000 inhabitants, the votes are counted individually for each candidate, regardless of the lists. A candidate can be elected in the first round of the municipal election, if he wins the absolute majority of the votes cast and number of votes at least equal to one quarter of the registered voters. In the second, a relative majority is sufficient to win the election.

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