Monero (XMR): fees to Update to the Minimum


    transaction fees, for the Privacy Coin Monero are currently at their low. After the last Update on the 18. October was the Hard Fork Beryllium Bullet to make network improvements in the Performance. The transactions are now cheaper and require less storage space.

    Monero got last Thursday, at 18. In October, a Protocol Update. The main innovation of the Hard Fork Beryllium Bullet is the optimization of the Range Proofs, which come in Monero in the Ring, Confidential transactions. In Short: Bullet Proof.

    it is – roughly said – to ensure that the sent units of the crypto-currency is actually spent. The Motto “Privacy first” has to be, however, at the same time ensures that the true amount of the transaction is obscured. Without this mechanism, an attacker could create special transactions and new Coins, and thus an uncontrolled Inflation trigger. (In detail you can read about this here).

    The Hard Fork (which takes place in the Monero network, by the way, twice a year) should bring in addition to one thing: transactions, which require less storage space and cheaper. This has now become a reality.

    the average transaction cost of the Privacy Coin is currently at 0.02 US Dollar-as low as last in the year 2016. And the currently 3.586.000 transactions. In order for the transaction fees since the Bulletproof Update to over 90 percent in favor.

    Monero-rate (XMR)

    So Monero is currently a low-cost Alternative when it comes to Sending money. In comparison, The average transaction fees in Bitcoin are currently at just 0.38 to the US Dollar.

    The XMR-course made the Update in the case of Monero, but so far not noticeable. The XMR price rose after the Update, briefly 107 US $ 109 US dollars. In the weekly course of which he fell, nevertheless, by almost five percent. In the monthly course, there are 13,36 per cent, the need to cope with the XMR-rate in losses. Currently this is just under 105 US dollars.

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