Mill Becker country: first draft of the new motorway bridge on the A10


a bridge Over the highway at the ten rutenweg resulted in important economic, Hiking trails and connection paths of the municipality. After the bridge, the Expansion of the Northern Berliner ring should first be demolished without replacement, was able to fight the municipality before the Supreme administrative court of a replacement building.

“Now the new bridge in Detail is planned,” said municipality spokeswoman Rita Ehrlich on Friday. The first parameters are already known. The new ten rutenweg bridge is to be built according to the plans of the Deges as a frame structure in steel composite construction. The new bridge is designed according to Rita Honest for a load up to 60 tons. “This is also a perspective view of the increasing traffic loads are taken into account,” explains the high Tonnage, without going into Detail. The old bridge could only be from agricultural vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, as well as the rescue forces in the case of inserts used.

The new bridge will hover at identical positions between the two Supports (abutments) at a length of 43 meters. The pillars are arranged at an angle – static and aesthetic reasons, and the former Central column is omitted.

Between the parapets to six metres width are provided for change. Of 3.50 metres is attributable to the single-lane roadway. With banquets on both sides with a total pavement width of five meters. The old bridge had a roadway width of 4.5 meters. Above the shelves, a narrow Notgehweg goes to the right and to the left as a fallback.

Until the beginning of November, intends to submit the Deges now all the plan documents to the competent Ministry, in order to get building rights. The planning authority could decide to once again a public interpretation. Built after the completion of the highway works expected to be 2021 for a period of twelve months, – while the traffic on the six-lane A. 10.

the cost for planning and construction will assist the municipality of mill Becker country. The County has already verbally agreed to accept a portion of these costs. Detailed information as to the total cost of Rita was not Honest.

The meeting of the building Committee, the plans will be presented, will be held on Tuesday, 6. November, from 18.30 clock in the Schildower the citizens ‘ hall of the Franz-Schmidt-Straße 3. At the beginning of the inhabitants and ask questions.

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