Life partner: Who can laugh together are happier and have better Sex


Almost every single study comes to the conclusion that in the life partner sense of humour is crucial. Last, 91 percent of women and 87 percent of men stated in the representative survey of partner exchange elite partner, “have fun together” is more important than “to be good to each other” talk.

the importance of the same wave length when you Laugh, has also engaged researchers at the Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg. The scientific staff at the chair for psychology, Kay brewer, has mitgeforscht. In this Interview, he explains why it is important for a fulfilling relationship is that both can have a laugh together. The bandwidth of the humour ranges from sarcastic remarks about funny anecdotes to common provocations for other people embarrassing instead of funny. For people who like to tear jokes about others, he has found a special feature.

the WORLD: Especially in the case of women, it is often said that they want “men with a sense of humour”. No Entertainer or joke teller but is meant to be, right?

Kay brewer: no, but there is a connection. Women want men who can laugh about themselves. Anyone who feels pleasure when the others laugh at him, the more anecdotes to tell the joke. But that is not the Same as telling jokes.

the WORLD: And men find funny women attractive?


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