Invest 10 young-timer, you can still drive and the increase in value is worth:


    young timer developed in the last years, to real lovers of Breakfast, because they often offer a very good price-performance ratio, and on the threshold of the vintage, so the value can significantly increase.

    At this point we will show ten classic cars that are still affordable and plenty of driving pleasure and technical Highlights. The age of the most young classics in this list is 17 to 22 years, so they have a built in the 2000s.

    BMW Z1

    The hot summer, blue sky and a curved country road. The Z1 was and still is a dream car. Between 1989 and built in 1991. The retractable doors are his trademark, and at that time it cost 83000 DM. Today, a good Z1 are looking for, also because the engine out of the 325i, with its 170 HP makes the 1250 Kilo light two-seater, sporty around the corners to run. Currently, a number of Z1 are available on the market. The prices vary between 40000 and 90000 euros, depending on the state.

    Audi V8 Audi GQ cars

    for Six years it was produced, the first representative of the upper class with all-wheel drive, which brought him in front of all, on the wet motorway has a clear advantage. No other sedan could such a hunt rapidly through the wet curves of the V8 with 250 HP of power left the Audi at speeds of up to 240 to run.

    at the Time, it cost approximately 85.000 DM, today many V8’s around, Bob up and down with prices of around € 5,000, the Ingolstadt-based company is fully equipped and is still a sedan in the upper category. When buying a professional to take, especially the timing belt issue is very important. (In the future, everything is different: Audi relies on E-Power and this car is a real bullet)

    Bentley Brooklands Bentley Motors GQ cars

    And a big number. The Brooklands Bentley’s built between 1992 and 1998, is a luxury sedan that has cost during the lifetime locker 130,000 euros. The V8 under the hood, screwed the 2,5-ton truck in less than ten seconds to 100 kph. About the equipment we don’t need to talk for a long time. The best leather, wood, plenty of space and each button, switch or handle is for the fingers of an experience.

    Today, with 25,000 Euro. Important: All of the functions check, rust check and be sure to test-drive. The devil is in the Detail and extremely high bills.

    Porsche Boxster 986 Porsche GQ cars

    die-hard Porsche Fans swallowed briefly and calmed down quickly. The Boxster rolled on the court and you saw at first glance that this Porsche is in Zuffenhausen, and a Boxer engine behind the two Seats hidden. A mid-engine, suggesting the best handling characteristics close.

    in 1996, was and today, you can buy the classic cars for relatively little money. 25,000 euros, and the open Porsche in the Garage. But be careful, the will be inspected two-seater by a professional. Convertible top, Motor, servicebook, first owner, rust and gears are important.

    Mercedes-Benz SLK R170 Mercedes GQ cars

    In the autumn of 1996, Mercedes was the one that ended with the reign of SL. The SLK is rolled from the yard. Start with 136 HP, a steel roof, in the trunk came to pass, when the sun is shining and held in the wash every prying water drops. Was switched by a hand switch, in the case of 208 km/h at the end with the driving and paid for the “small” SL good the 60,000 Mark.

    And you got a purist Roadster with solid technique and the star in the radiator grille. Today, the price range from 6,000 to 15,000 euros. You should be careful when buying. The roof must be properly run in and out. The sills should be free of rust and the SLK 200 is not a race car.

    BMW Z3 2.0 BMW GQ cars

    He is the Purist and pioneer in BMW roadsters. In 1995, the Bavarians presented their idea of an open two-seater, and the clientele was taken. The smallest was offered with four-cylinders and he had 115 horsepower under the hood. Anyone who wants to buy a good Z3, first-Generation, should resort to the six-cylinder, so the BMW Z3 2.0.

    The engine is running, even after years, still beautifully round and powerful. The consumption is not hell, and the small Bayer runs with plenty of kilometres on the clock is quite athletic through the curves. Be careful on the subject of rust, the hood to check for leaks, the locking mechanism, extensively test, and the price should be below 10,000, unless the car was extensively restored.

    Audi TT 8N Audi GQ cars

    in the mid-1990s, it had offices in Ingolstadt the idea, especially young customers a sporty car available as a coupe or as a Roadster on the road. The Audi TT, should be based on the NSU Prinz from the 60s, easy, sporty and simple in handling. The result of this idea, we know. The TT is Audi’s’ Bestseller. It was from 1998 in various variants. The base was offered with four cylinders, a 1.8-Liter displacement and 150 HP. The designation 8N is the internal Audi-identifier for the first Generation of the TT.

    When purchasing, make sure that the car is equipped with ESP, the first TT’s were shipped out without the stability control, and are quite uncertain in the case of sporty travel. The prices for the 8N are between 3,000 and 6,000 euros, depending on mileage and condition. As always, thoroughly to ride, test all of its features, according to rust on the sills look and professional take. (20 years of Audi TT – GQ driving the sports car on the Isle of Man)

    Opel Calibra Opel GQ cars

    Often you no longer see him. The sporty Opel in the 1990s. As a Manta successor, designed with a 2-Liter four-cylinder on the road. 115 HP was the base version. The strongest Calibra 16V Turbo with 204 HP was, there was also plenty of special models, also because Opel was with the coupe in the DTM on-the-go.

    Today, there are not so many Calibras, also because over 2000 copies of the “environmental premium” fell victim to. Most of the models are now traded for around 2,500 euros. Who caught a well-preserved, with the V6, should strike. No corrosion on the eighth, the gear check and the gear listen carefully.

    Ford Cougar Ford GQ cars

    Cougar translates as Puma and this is a note on the Strengths of the coupe from the house of Ford. The 2+2-seater, with either Four – or six-cylinder on the road, was built 230.000 times. It was only available with a manual 5-speed transmission or with automatic transmission, wherein the manual switch is a lot better.

    The power of the engine is between 130 and 170 HP, depending on the machine. The ST200, a 204-HP Cougar, was never built in series, three specimens. Skillful screwdrivers offer Cougar tags with the Mondeo-ST200 engine. The regular Cugar is offered at a price of 1,500 euros, many of the specimens are, however, for a few hundred Euro on the farm.

    Alfa Romeo GTV Alfa Romeo GQ cars

    The GTV of the first Generation, built between 1974 and 1988, is now a classic. The second Generation ran from 1994 by the Band and is currently trading at around € 2,000. In terms of the engine, you have the choice between four and six cylinders, the performance varies between 144 and 240 HP. The purchase of a GTV, especially a V6 engine, should necessarily take place with a specialist. The build quality is not one of the best in their craft.

    The subject of rust plays a role, the engine should be checked. Who caught a good GTCV, should be so lucky. The GTV of the second Generation is likely to be in a few years become a sought-after classic. Also, because there are only a few really good copies on the market.

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