In the posh town of Rottach-Egern: Strict arrangement of the villas annoys owners


Rottach-Egern– A monumental metal fence in gray, the estate stone road box 12 surrounds. Here is the building Committee of the Rottacher parish Council met for the on-site visit. A neighbour had objected to the massive enclosure. Because according to the articles of Association Egern are allowed in Rottach-at least along the roads, only wooden fences. In the Committee it was agreed: The metal way fence. “The beautiful rural construction, is our capital,” said Josef Kaiser (CSU).

You don’t want to look like the other Munich suburbs

not to Leave the municipality of fences of this type, taking the place of the vagina soon from the Munich suburbs. Vice-mayor Josef Lang (CSU) felt even at Stadelheim reminds. The municipal Council had in respect of the site in such a type of fence from cracking: “that’s Why we should insist on a replacement.”

However, the metal fence is on the house stone road box 12 is not an isolated case. During on-site inspection of the exterior of the body, and on the neighboring house brick field road 9 in the eye. The is built entirely in metal. Many more examples can be found all over the place. Only the owners of the fences that were jumped to the building Committee at the meeting to send a removal arrangement, seemed to be mayor Christian Köck (CSU) is not fair.

“We must not make two States bordering an example,” he said at the advice in the meeting room, following the on-site visit. The principle of equal treatment, the following must inspect the municipality with the available staff and to the whole place. “There’s a certain effort,” said koeck. There is no other way, the wild growth in check.

builders would have to See

In serious cases, so if there is a fence, be kept in metal, will require the municipality to the exchange by a design in wood. As a compromise, for him, is possible to leave the pole in the metal. The area in between had to be in the wood.

But what is the fences that have been around for many decades with Metal, longer than the municipal Statute exists? In this case, the stock attack protection, said building authority Director Christine Obermüller. The administration must look at each case individually.

A trouble, not afraid of the building Committee. Unanimously, the panel decided that the administration would tackle the topic of metal fence in the Köck proposed Form – even if the requirement to replace expensive fencing, is likely to provide some Trouble. Builders should realise that this is not an arbitrary will, said the Emperor. For the preservation of the rural appearance of the village, the clear course was necessary: “Otherwise, tilting in the wrong direction.”

Gorbachev’s daughter keeps Hubertus castle

for Almost two years, the Villa was for sale, now has decided to Gorbachev’s daughter Irina Virginskaya to keep the property in Rottach-Egern, reported in August.



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