Heike Drechsler: scientists relieves athlete of the Stasi allegations


    The Stasi researcher Helmut Müller-Enbergs has relieved the two-time long jump Olympic champion Heike Drechsler of Stasi allegations. “Ms. Heike Drechsler had been recorded at any time (…) as THE “Jump’ in MfS,” said Müller-Enbergs, according to a report by the Bavarian broadcasting company. By the standards of the Ministry for state security (MfS), or Stasi records act was not to rate Turner as an Unofficial assistant. This is also evident from further research of the BR.

    Müller-Enbergs has written on behalf of the former athlete a 31-page opinion on the case of Turner, which is present the German press Agency. He worked after the turn as a Deputy Department head in the research and media Department of the Stasi documents authority.

    Not everything you’ve been accused of is wrong, said Müller-Enbergs: “they had contacts with the Stasi, whether knowingly or not, and she was – at least temporarily – the Beneficiary of the Stasi.” The Ministry for state security had been conducted only as a so-called lead-IN, so as someone who wanted to initiate with the Stasi cooperation.

    “The result means that I was right, that I never have been. There is now a scientific basis,” said Drechsler of the German press Agency, after she has been coming to terms with its GDR-past, in the past two years. “I just want this out from my resume.” Public accusations, you’ve been working for the Stasi and colleagues spied on, it has given again and again. Turner was once a model of the GDR-Sports, a member of the SED and Deputy of the people’s chamber.


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