Google gives a number of incidents of sexual harassment


    The letter, on the first “CNBC” reported, comes as a response to a revealing history of the “New York Times”. The newspaper had written that in the organization the incidents of sexual harassment cover-up had been high-level employees when Leaving the company, even lucrative remunerated.

    90 million Dollar severance

    the One case that stands out, turns to Andy Rubin. The authoritative developer of the Android Software have received after his departure, there are 90 million dollars and had been showered with praises, since the accusation had been in the room, that Rubin should have compelled an employee to oral sex.

    An investigation into the incident revealed that the allegations are credible, reports the New York Times citing an anonymous source. Instead of a fame schmisses loose Out of the developer have received, however, four years for around two million dollars a month as compensation.

    Google denies to have paid severance pay

    Larry Page personally urged then to the fact that ruby had to leave the company. The accusation of the “New York Times”: Google had made the allegations in public. The company denies in Writing to the employee that one of the fired employees have received after Leaving the company payments.

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