Gerd Müller: Germany ties development aid to tougher conditions


development Minister Gerd Müller (CSU) wants to make the distribution of funds from Germany to other countries even more closely to certain conditions. To do so, he counts in the new strategy paper of the Ministry, “development aid by 2030”, the fight against corruption, respect of human rights, the establishment of rule-of-law structures and the increase of own performance. The Ministry would reduce the number of partner countries and compliance with the terms and conditions check, it says in the paper.

Germany,. such so-called reform partnerships already with the ivory coast, Ghana and Tunisia The inclusion of additional countries will be examined according to Müller. For this purpose, the development Minister announced a “Monitoring” of the cooperation with the currently, 85 countries. The coming year should be decided with whom the cooperation is to be continued on the necessary assistance to fight Hunger and poverty.

The budget of the development Ministry in this year of 9.4 billion euros. Almost half of it is spent with a 4.4 billion Euro for cooperation with individual countries. Most of the money goes to Africa. In the coming week, an investment conference for Africa with the German company representatives will take place in Berlin, hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). Merkel had made the Africa-aid in the past year, a focus of Germany’s presidency of the G20.

Müller called for the presentation of the paper more self-initiative of the partners in development cooperation. “Particularly, African countries need to retrieve their potential for more,” he said. In the case of the private investment of the CSU-politician is aiming for a tenfold increase in the next three years. His Ministry is going to invest, especially in education and training, as well as the investment conditions for SMEs improve.

in the investment of national interests, said Müller. Germany could not watch, if, for example, China or the United States, invested billions in investments in Africa. According to him, the Federal Republic of Germany is particularly strong in the growth areas of construction, infrastructure, renewable energy, agriculture and manufacturing.

Müller also called for a stronger role for the European Union in development cooperation. Reform within the EU, including an EU-Africa Commissioner. What is the orientation of the departments concerned, the Commission was not yet on the level of the nineties, said the development Minister.


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