Gaza conflict: Palestinian extremists rocket attacks on Israel stop


Palestinian extremists in the Gaza strip have announced a halt to its rocket attacks on Israel. The fire break should apply immediately and had come to mediation, Egypt’s condition, said a spokesman for the Palestinian group Islamic Jihad.

The group will keep in mind, if Israel do the same, he said. Until the evening of Saturday, the violence had subsided; there were no reports of Palestinian rocket launches or Israeli air attacks in Gaza.

More than 30 rockets were fired since Friday from the coastal strip into Israel, after violent protests at the border of four Palestinians by Israeli soldiers had been killed. A fifth Palestinian died Saturday from the effects of his injuries. As a response to the rocket attacks bombed by Israel air force in the night, more than 80 targets in the coastal strip, the army said.

The violence had fuelled the fear of a new war. The military wings of several Palestinian factions, including the Gaza strip’s ruling Hamas, declared on Friday in a joint statement their willingness to go to war. Egypt has been trying for months to arrange a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

army spokesman Jonathan Conricus accused the Islamic Jihad to act on the instructions of Syria and the Iranian revolutionary guards. Israel’s response will not be constrained “geographically,” he said, apparently as a warning to Syrian and Iranian forces. Islamic Jihad, a smaller militant group in the Gaza strip. Conricus stressed, however, that you see in the Palestinian territory’s ruling Hamas responsible “for everything that comes out of Gaza”.

Since March, Palestinians protest every week on the border with Israel against the Blockade of the Gaza strip and are demanding the return of the occupied territories. Were killed, according to Palestinian reports, so far, 213 residents of the Palestinian territory. An Israeli soldier was shot by a Palestinian sniper. Israel accuses the demonstrators, the violation of the border and attacks on soldiers.



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