Fritzbox Login: to access the Router menu


the Fritzbox is a Router-product series from the manufacturer AVM. Via the user interface, the user has access to different statistics. So you can see about the current utilisation of the Internet connection and can detect which of your devices is connected, since when, and under what IP address to the Internet.

you will regularly receive the latest Updates and you can also make numerous settings, such as parental controls, access for the Wi-Fi or, if you make calls over the Internet, also the settings for the phone. You can then manage via the Fritzbox also, for example, the answering machine and call lists to view or even blocking numbers. The operation is largely self-explanatory. Also Access the Router menus is relatively easy.

Login: to access the Router menu to

The procedure is always the Same – no matter which Fritzbox model you have. You can open any Browser. In the address bar, enter the address “”. The point behind “fritz,” you must not forget. Alternatively, you can directly enter the IP address of your Fritzbox.

This tells you if the Fritzbox is connected to your computer, open the Run function in Windows and the command “cmd” enter. In the prompts, type in “ipconfig”. In the entry “default Gateway” is the IP address of the Fritzbox. When entering, you waive the “http://”.

So that you can access the user interface of your Fritzbox, must be supplied in the Box with power. One of the lights lit up, at least your Fritzbox has power. In addition, the Fritzbox has to be connected to the computer you want to access the user interface. It is Best to connect for the first Time the Box via a network cable to the PC. About Wi-Fi, it works well; this is prone to interference.

The Router interface of the Fritz box does not open

even Though you have everything as described, made, not, come in to the menu? Remedy can give in such a case, a restart of the Fritzbox. There are on the Fritzbox with an Extra button. This is often very small and should in no way be confused with the Reset button. The Box just from the power disconnect and after a few seconds, then plugging it back in, but it works the same way.

The reboot will take several minutes. Until then, you are not able to access the Router interface. Another possibility: If the attempt to create a connection to the Fritzbox, in the Browser, only a white page is displayed, it may be helpful to empty the Cache or try with another Browser.

another Problem can be if your Fritzbox was set when you Set up as an IP Client or a wireless Repeater. You can’t access the user interface via the address “” and you must enter the IP address.

Firtzbox address can issues

prepare In the last time some of the users have but without the incorrect settings problems the Router interface, and the Fritzbox address. This is due to .box is now an official Domain extension, which has secured AVM for the Fritz! box.

Some of the users of land, therefore, is not on the user interface of the Fritzbox, but rather to a warning page. Here is a simple Trick helps: Put you behind a point. Or you can use the IP address, you will of course always work.

last chance: The Fritzbox reset

Also, wrong settings can block access. If nothing helps, you can reset your Fritzbox to factory settings. This also works if you forget the name or password. But keep in mind: All configurations and settings will be deleted, and later need to be re-created.

To Reset, press the small Reset button on your Fritzbox. Sometimes you need a pointed tool as an aid. You need to hold the button for a few seconds. Consider this: After the Reset the default Login data is valid. You can find this in the manual of the Fritz box. You should change the password but the same again!

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