Free shipping: parcel services will soon control the utilization of higher prices


    anyone Who has already booked flights on the Internet, knows the principle: the places are scarce, it may be expensive, for example, in the main season or in the morning and in the evening on business routes. Who has time and is flexible enough, and the bargain prices.

    Not much different will happen in the future, the online shoppers in terms of delivery fee, and expect professionals. Against the Background of the ongoing E-Commerce boom in Germany would be the capacity for the delivery of services in the core hours are so scarce that this more favorable deliveries in days allow times, to fleet which Messengers and vehicle are not so well utilized, explains Sven Kromer, a managing Director at the consultancy firm Accenture Strategy. “Online retailers will not come to a control of the demand on prices around,” said Kromer to the WORLD ON SUNDAY. “If a customer can be supplied, in addition to times, it is cheaper for him. Who is only on weekdays at 18 available, you will need to pay more.“

    delivery charges for online retailers are a touchy subject. Many customers cancel the purchasing process on a Smartphone or Laptop simply, if the charges appear too high. According to a recent study by the specializing in E-Commerce technology company Pitney Bowes free shipping is available for most of to be the number one priority. 82 percent prefer according to the survey, a free of charge delivery, even if it takes longer compared to a paid for Express shipping.

    “traders will wait for the Christmas business,”

    But, this attitude of the customers. In the previous year, the figure was 85 percent. In General, according to the study, younger consumers are more willing to special delivery services to reward them for an extra price. “Online customers are increasingly willing to pay for Premium Services, something,” observed Kromer.

    He believes that the differentiation of the delivery fees will result in the average lead to noticeable price increases at the time of delivery, and soon: “Many traders will wait for the Christmas business. After that, the delivery fees can be expected with increases in the double-digit percentage range.“ Reason for the high utilization. Both in the Camps as well as in the delivery of capacity had been reached limits. “The transport service providers are working to the Limit,” says strategy consultant.

    The pressure on the E-Commerce firms, rising costs of delivery to the customer pass, instead of – as it had often been to take on the own cap, and thus rises. Currently, many retailers hide the true cost of delivery, factoring in the product prices. Others offer flat rates, such as Amazon Prime, Zalando Plus or Otto Up. Rewe offers a delivery flat in combination with a built-in price control: Whoever wants to be supplied, seven days a week, pays for three months lump 26,99 Euro delivery fee. Customers are limited to the delivery days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with 18,99 Euro.

    The Boom continues

    In the industry exists, in addition, a variety of fee models, as a function of the value of the order or for different Comfort options. In the case of bulky goods deliveries, the consumers diagnosed Central North Rhine-Westphalia, most recently, a wild jumble of “blatant cost is nonsensical”. So would be for the delivery of furniture, refrigerators and other home appliance requires up to 175 Euro (Ikea), where the price is arbitrary not in the necessary work, but were value-oriented. Consultant Kromer calls for transparent solutions. Thus, online stores could supply to the customers during the payment process, different options of the expensive Express delivery over fixed time window to cost-effective day long periods.

    For a relaxation on the side of Delivery speaks, however, nothing, rather, the Boom for shopping on the Internet continues unabated. The E-Commerce growth in Germany in the first nine months of this year, according to Figures from the Federal Association of E-Commerce and mail order business (bevh), compared to the same period last year to 11.3 percent. According to the trade Association of Germany online retailers crack this year to 53.4 billion euros for the first time the 50 billion mark.

    The number of sent packets increases so rapidly. In the year 2022, it is likely to be, according to the experts 4.3 billion, a billion more than in the previous year. Technological solutions like drones or driverless Transporter were more likely to be a long-term Option to the packet flood to stabilise and channel, believes Kromer. Before dynamic prices as the funds could be used to control the packet flood wide to come to the industry is still a lot of development work, says the Advisor: “The air travel in advance of the online trading in terms of demand control on the prices of light years.”


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