France: thousands of teachers complaining about violence in schools


Créteil is a plain, a suburb of Paris. Here, the house settlements of a series of high-to each other, there is a large Park, a large shopping centre, the University of Paris XII and a connection to the metro system of the capital.

Créteil is one of the poorer suburbs, even suburbs, where schools often have to contend with violence and students with a lack of prospects.

a few days Ago Créteil came into the headlines because a 16-year-old
students of the high school Edouard Branly his teacher for biotechnology, a weapons dummy on the head had kept. You should write in the class book that the students in the lessons. The teacher, who learned only in hindsight that it was a dummy, and the Situation was calm remained, meanwhile, has filed a complaint against the student.

On Twitter, reports are now rooms in France teachers about their experiences with violence in class. Under the ironic Hashtag #pasdevague (no shaft), freely translated with “no fuss” comment, thousands of them of your displeasure with the violence that they are exposed to in their schools and complain that you don’t feel supported enough by the government.

A teacher on Twitter, for example, that a student had insulted as a “dirty whore”. The Director told her then, she would have been interrogated, maybe. “Fortunately, I have sixth a dozen graders as witnesses,” writes the teacher.

another teacher: “I wish I’d been more supported as a student a few years ago in the hallway of my school. But from the top it was just, I should not take that to heart.”

A Latin teacher on Twitter: “I was spat upon and I was threatened to throw me out. Penalty: none.”

another teacher writes: “I have to think of a colleague who has a fifth-grade death threats. The support he received.”

Many teachers do not understand why the school administrators, not harder. In the national education system is a kind of vow of silence like the Mafia, it says in the newspaper “Les Echos”.

Frédérique Rolet, General Secretary of the teachers ‘ Union, SNES-FSU, said the Tweets were testimonies to the suffering. “The institutions don’t protect their teachers well enough. They argue that the problems were personal, but structural.”

The deputies of the liberal political party La République en Marche (LREM), Aurore Bergé said: “If it is necessary to beat the waves, we have to beat waves, to support the teachers.” Annie Genevard, General Secretary of the Republican tweeted: “The Situation is unacceptable, we can expect tough measures.”

Rodrigo Arenas, President of the Federation of parent councils (CIPF) of Seine-Saint-Denis, North of Paris, criticised the fact that teachers are often left in situations that overwhelm them, alone. “If you report it, it’s like an admission of failure.” To blame for the misery, the Saving of personnel. So less and less, supervisors, psychologists, and school would give it to the schools, doctors, writes “Le Monde”.

government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux tried, however, to calm the tempers. It is important that the teacher Express what moves you. Also the Department heads for education and home Affairs, Jean-Michel Blanquer and Christophe Castaner, had previously announced a plan of action to incidents like this. Also, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, spoke up. “It is unacceptable to threaten a teacher,” he wrote on Twitter.

Also being discussed in Germany since the end of last year increasingly in the media and in talk shows about violence in schools. Teachers of the community school break meadow in Saarbrücken, Germany, complained in December about a climate of fear, aggressiveness, and disrespect. In a primary school in Saxony-Anhalt teachers reported in February in a letter to “extreme physical violence”. And from a school in upper Bavaria, it was in March, the teachers had lost control of the classroom.

the President of the conference of education Ministers (KMK), Helmut Holter asked, recently teachers, the perpetrators. “We have to put up with such acts of violence” – verbal as well as physical. “All cases that are in the area of the Offence, should be brought to the display – even when children are the age of criminal responsibility.” Students need to feel the consequences of their actions, recommended that the Left-politician. A criminal complaint would put parents and students with the actions apart.

#pasdevague / Johner RF What violence have you experienced in schools? What has been the response of the school administration? How were you supported?

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