Fine cream fish fillet: Stiftung Bauhaus holds on to concert cancellation


Despite the increasing pressure holds the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation of your cancellation of the concert left punk band Fine cream fish fillet. You have to offer the neo-Nazis, no platform, explained the Foundation on Monday. Rights groups had called on the Internet to Protest against the concert of the Band. The cancellation, however, a left-wing music group, which is active against right-wing extremism and racism.

From the Bauhaus cities of Berlin and Weimar were fillet two demonstrative invitations for Fine cream Fish. Berlin’s culture Senator Klaus Lederer (Left) as this year’s Chairman of the Bauhaus group, a political Signal as well as by the Thuringian Bauhaus Professor Max Welch Guerra. Also, the Anhaltische Theater Dessau has changed its rate of rejection in the past week to the assurance of any support.

Bauhaus apologized to “Feine Sahne fischfilet”

“The negative answer to a short-term request of the media was ill-considered and wrong,” said the theatre on Monday. You’ve asked the Band to apologize. The discourse on art could only be passed, if it could showcase the art, not necessarily in all freedom. “The gig is on 6. November in Dessau take place. More details are to inform the organizers soon,” it said.

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation itself regretted, in its communication to the cancellation of the concert, the Public is disappointed. Similarly, you regret that you have presented the Bauhaus as apolitical. The Foundation had decided, however, against the concert because they wanted to offer neo-Nazi, not a stage. Due to the public’s attention has now done the opposite.

the Berlin Senate invites you to “Feine Sahne fischfilet” to concert a

“We want to take in the coming weeks, the criticism, to the Right, caved, to the occasion, to lead a public debate about how we engage us today for an open society and against exclusion”, – stated in the message.

The Thuringian Professor of urban studies, Max Welch Guerra, said the editorial network Germany (RND): “I would pick up the Band like to Weimar.” So it is also the other students and professors in the city.

The Berlin Senate cultural Affairs Department said on Monday, the Band was invited. Feedback was not until the evening. Previously, the “Berliner Zeitung had reported” about it.

Bauhaus Dessau wanted to be a venue for political Agitation

The Bauhaus Dessau was, from the ZDF, there is a planned concert of the punk band the 6. November refused to be a venue for political Agitation and Aggression.

Fine cream fish fillet is engaged against right-wing extremism and racism. Finally, the musicians also played at a concert against right-wing extremism in Chemnitz. A few years ago, the Band was calling was called because of Violence against police officers in the protection of the Constitution report of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In the meantime, the Name of the Band no longer appears in the protection of the Constitution report.

The musicians had criticised the Dessau cancellation sharp. Keep in mind that you on 6. November want to occur in the Bauhaus city in Saxony-Anhalt. The concert in Berlin is supposed to be at another appointment is given. The Bauhaus archive is currently available for restoration work cleared. The world-famous architecture and design school celebrates 2019 its 100-year anniversary.

“Bauhaus Institution is right print”

The Anhaltische theatre, said: “As the current building of the theater was constructed, were artists restricted in the exercise of their profession, detained and expelled, deported and killed. The Theater is aware of that Try to hinder the art, must always be opposed.”

Bauhaus-Professor Welch Guerra criticized the decision of the Dessau Foundation: “their statement that they wanted to be a venue for political Agitation, and Aggression, is history forgotten.” Under pressure from the national socialists did to the Bauhaus at the time, to dissolve. “That’s why I’m so unhappy that a Bauhaus-an Institution gives in immediately to the right pressure”.

“That was a bad start for the Bauhaus year. We have prepared the hundredth anniversary for years, and now we are with the cancellation of the concert everyone is talking about,” said the Professor. What Guerra has Perren according to the report, with four colleagues from the Bauhaus University in an open letter to the Foundation Director in Dessau, Claudia, posted. In it they criticise the fact that the Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, “the political pressure from the right flexor”.

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