There is that to thank Pablo Iglesias his talks with the coup leaders. Of course they are not going to garner any political gain, but that is already discounted in intelligence so clumsy that even Doctor Sanchez deals with it. Their conversations have been had the virtue of illustrating to the citizens that the media only see the saints on the nature of the current parliamentary majority. Since it is not a ruse of rhetoric to say that a fugitive named Pedro Sanchez: you see how the fugitive holding him and negotiates with his valet. It is now mandatory to remember that that creepy most of this was possible thanks to the status that the left has given the Popular Party. For him Spain was 314 days without a government, and by him, Mariano Rajoy was removed from the presidency. The political history will not forget that in the eyes of the left, the exasesinos basques and the coup catalans were a lesser evil in the face of evil really monstrous, that it was the continuity of the PP. The fact, moreover, occurred not in a situation of calm policy, conducive to creativity, but still under the effects of the great crisis of the democracy; nor in those circumstances the left apeó the PP of your treatment unworthy and outrageous.

    Much more unworthy when it digs in the origin and exacerbation of all of this, which is Catalonia. There, in 2003, when the first tripartite, the left drew in the Tinell the cordon sanitaire that was to isolate the PP from the public. There, in 2006, Artur Mas was, at the Notary! to assure the voters that never pactaría with the PP. This behavior is not unprecedented. At least as far as my sight reaches. Similar agreements have been made in Europe, against parties racist. But never against a government party, whose ideology reflects the ideas more watery and conventional conservatives of the West. And whose management head of State has not eroded the self-government of the autonomies.

    taking Advantage of this obscene season of the policy, perhaps the time has come that the Spanish left to meditate on a evidence that even the PP has had the courage to confront face-to-face and to report with rigor. And is that the PP, I hate the PP, sown, germinated, marinated in territories nationalists, it was only and is the euphemism recurrent hatred of the spaniards. For the PP desovaban the nationalist instinct xenophobic. Until they became narrow. The offer, which today makes them the left -the PP I condemned and we indultamos – is that return to spawn where they used to

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