Curious advertisement: Eleven for Christmas in Lapland, sought, knowledge of German is an advantage


come on, break with your traditions! Instead of sitting with the family on Christmas eve in front of the Christmas Tree, you could travel through snowy landscapes and in a strange role. The Best: On the festive mood, you must not do without anyway, because in this Job you will work in the home of Santa Claus.

A tour operator in the Finnish Lapland, one from November to Christmas elves. However, who apply, must be solved by the traditional elves images, beings, the gifts, and reindeer care. Lapland Safaris writes in his ad:

“An Elf Entertainer, tour guide and mythical Christmas figure is at the same time.”

The company specializes in Outdoor activities: The Northern lights watching, Snowmobiling, ice-fishing go, igloos, sleeping – or the home village of the father Christmas visit. The tasks of the searched elves therefore look like this:

“The Bus Eleven is for the agreed time plan responsible. He must lead the right customers to the right Bus, and about the most important things.”

As an Elf you will be working mainly with international customers, with tourists from all over the world. Therefore, it is expected that you speak English well. But other foreign language skills are in the application process conducive to: Spanish, French, and German.

qualified Yet, so the future employees may be, without special Training, no one is allowed to take the Job. The new elves are to improve their communication skills and “elfing skills” to learn.

What does this mean? Will not betray. Maybe Lapland Safaris tries to prevent that their employees end up like a 23-year-old Christmas elf in New Jersey, USA. The drunk 2014 full and with the engine running in his car asleep. Also the dress code, the company makes no representations, but that they can not be in Jeans and a wool sweater, an Elf, is Yes clear.

training: Yes Monitoring: no

As a trained Elf, you can decide by the way quite free, as you keep the fun of your tourists in the sub-Arctic Wilderness.

“the work of The elves is independent of, although possibly colleagues at the same time, work in the same place. In practice, each Christmas elf is for a customer group.”

Also in the choice of the place of Work, the company responds to individual preferences. No matter whether you want to Saariselkä, Ylläs or Rovanimeo, according to Hetta, Olos, Levi Рcompany employees for all travel issues. If you do not know these places, let yourself be surprised. Because Christmas has always been the best time of the year.

A high salary is not promised at this point, however, Lapland Safaris attracts a rather low expenditure – that should be enough for one of Santa’s elves: For example, the company wants to help its employees, in a residential community; the rent is reasonable. And thanks to the employees card, it gives discounts in various shops and Restaurants in all the destinations.

A tip: Before you start work, you should report directly to unemployed again. The Job starts in late November and ends early January. Also in Lapland, Santa’s elves are just seasonal workers.

From the archive: the Concorde to Santa Claus (SPIEGEL TV 1995)



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