Great wall city - In the case of a chemical accident with a corrosive liquid have been injured in Swiss francs, with 14 employees, a contact lenses manufacturer. In a commercial building in the great wall city (Landkreis Miltenberg)...
Fullscreen So his Fans love him: Erwin Pelzig ©imago/Rene Traut The comedian Frank-Markus Barwasser (58) has two faces. The a - private - knows the General Public is hardly. The other belongs to his cult figure:...
In his new book, secret societies in Bavaria, the Munich-based author Fritz Fenzl (66), a connoisseur of the Supernatural and Mystical, companies in Bavaria and found. The tz presents some of the frets, many of which act more. One...
Those who incorrectly parked, gets a ticket and must pay a fine. That is the rule. But a young man from England has now experienced his personal Christmas miracle. Shortly before Christmas he parked his car in front of...
Strict logic is the Basis of mathematics and is also required for the following brain-teasers. You can see in the picture above, three prisms. These have a triangular base area, but are constructed differently. On...
A mulled wine for most of us, a visit to the Christmas market. So a Cup of mulled wine. "The warmth of the blood circulation in the stomach-intestinal tract, reducing alcohol intake is accelerated and the hot...
You have arrived on the cruise ship, checked in, and the sun is shining - for now, have a cigarette plug in. But where on the ship is actually allowed to be smoked? smoke on the cruise ship:...
"Very few people have the desire to deal only hours with the technology. In the case of Saturn, we have a solution for you: a personal technology consultant that comes to the customer's home, the establishment of care and...
Researchers have created an experimental installation with ultra-fast laser capable of producing 100 millions of light pulses per second
Online giant Amazon is particularly active when it comes to Black Friday. The Online Shop offers many bargains that are only available for a limited time. But other vendors sell them on the 23. November prices their products at...


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