“Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund rejects First-aid course for AfD employees”


The Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund has cancelled a First-aid course for AfD group employees in the Bundestag by reference to the value of conduct of the auxiliary organization. The ASB wool to enter into any business relationships with the AfD, said the national Director of the Ulrich belly on request. “This may also include the implementation of First aid courses for AfD group in the Bundestag refuse it.”

The AfD had made the process previously open to the public. According to the party it is said in the rejection Letter from the ASB: “The old and new Federal Chairman Knut Fleckenstein has not expressed that from his point of view, the positions of the AfD with the values of the ASB to represent since its inception and enshrined in its articles of Association, are compatible.” Fleckenstein will be presented on the Website of the ASB as a member of the European Parliament. He is since 2009 the Deputy of the SPD.

AfD: It’s not about politics – it’s about saving lives

The AfD in the Bundestag, Ulrike Schielke-Ziesing spoke of a “deeply hostile to logic”. The Parliamentary managing Director of the group, Michael espe Diller, said: “the training of first responders among the staff of the AfD group, actually policy. It is important to be able to help people empower other people in emergency situations. If in doubt, it’s about saving people’s lives.”

First aid in the Public Because of the Breasts? Therefore, women will be helped in the case of cardiac arrest rare

aspen Diller also quoted from the mission statement of the ASB. It says: “The ASB is as a welfare Association and auxiliary organization is politically and religiously unbound. We help all people – regardless of their political, ethnic, national and religious affiliation.” ASB Federal managing Director of the abdomen, under the dash, the sentence applies “for members, deputies and staff of the AfD”.

The charity justified the refusal of the courses with their history and their value code. “The Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund was a victim of right-wing extremism and was expropriated in 1933 by the national socialists and smash.” The ASB represent a “clear stance against right-wing populist and extreme-right politics”.

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