Another great performance of Iker Casillas leaves the Oporto very close to the second round


The goalkeeper madrid stopped a penalty kick to Fernandes in 10 minute

as Well there is the group D

The Porto achieved a valuable victory against Lokomotiv Moscow (1-3) thanks to a providential Iker Casillas, he stopped a penalty at the beginning of the meeting, and to the good performance of the mexican Herrera and Corona, the authors of two goals. Boxes enlarged his legend by starring in a play that changed the fate of the party, has already guessed the intention of the Portuguese Fernandes and prevented the russians advanced from the eleven meters to the 10 minutes of the match. [Narration and statistics: 1-3]

In this way, the Porto strengthened their leadership in group D, while Lokomotiv said almost goodbye to fit their third consecutive loss.

The russians had no other option than to go for all of them, so that for the first time in a long time the brothers Miranchuk agreed in the eleven holder. It was noted in the first few minutes in which the team sponsored by Russian Railways pressed the Porto all over the pitch, while the Portuguese just approaching the opponent’s area. That way, the nine-minute Alexei Miranchuk received the ball down the right, confronted the Telles and he threw him down vociferously when the Russian went into the area, a penalty which was pointed out immediately by the referee.

The Russian is the promised happy, but not expecting under the sticks was Casillas, the player who has played more matches in the history of the maximum continental competition. In your party 169 and in his twentieth season in the Champions league, Casillas stopped the penalty launched by Fernandes.

That setback did not affect the muscovites, as the 18 minutes they had another excellent opportunity to get ahead on the scoreboard. On this occasion, Anton Miranchuk played a great play on the left which led to the two players who came out to the step and when the Boxes came out to the desperate gave the ball to his brother so that mark without hardly any opposition. Instead, his shot was cleared almost on the goal line by Telles, which filled so the error committed 10 minutes prior.

The failure of Eder

The russians paid for their mistake with a mistake child of Eder, who fell clearly to the exit of a corner to the central Philip while completely out of the ball. The maximum penalty was materialized by Marega with a low shot before which nothing was able to make the brazilian nationalized Russian Guillerme. In a normal situation, Eder would be on the bench, but the injury of the Russian Smólov and the peruvian Farfán force the Russian Yuri Siomin to assign the entire responsibility of the attack to the hero of the european Championship 2016, which also do not mark hurt his team.

At that time, Lokomotiv was already a bundle of nerves, which was seized by the Portuguese champions to score the second goal. All it took was a good move on the right of the Crown, that he broke the waist to Polish Krychowiak and focused measured to that of his compatriot and captain of Porto, Herrera, to rise above his marker and scored head. It seemed that the Portuguese had put the last straw, but a failure of Militao allowed the brothers Miranchuk create a new play goal, which was used by Anton to beat a sold Boxes.

at The beginning of the second part, the Portuguese team closed any kind of doubts thanks to a good hospital of Corona, one of the players most incisive of your computer. Crown received a ball in depth, exceeded in speed to Howedes and beat the likes of Guillerme with a powerful shot.

it is Also true that it was not the day of the Lokomotiv, because a few minutes later, Eder scored in legal position after Casillas stopped the ball dead in the heart of the area after a shot from outside the area of Fernandes, but the referee whistled incomprehensibly out of the game. Although the brothers Miranchuk persisted, Boxes remained without major problems the type the rest of the match and Porto are getting closer to the final round.

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