After a Premier League game: helicopter in the Leicester owner crashed


After the Premier League game against West Ham United it is in the immediate vicinity of the stadium of Leicester City, came to a serious accident. A helicopter, according to unconfirmed British media reports, belongs to the Thai club owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, went into a tailspin, immediately after the impact on a Parking lot high flames from the wreck. The police in Leicester was confirmed so far only that there was an accident.

The Association can provide a first opinion, no education: “We support the police of Leicestershire and the rescue forces in addressing a major accident at the King Power Stadium. The Club will issue a more detailed opinion, if backed-up information is available.”

The helicopter of the Leicester owner Srivaddhanaprabha

Who was on Board the helicopter, is still unclear. In General, Srivaddhanaprabha after the Play of his club on the lawn of his helicopter to pick up and to fly to London. In addition, he takes family members, guests, or other employees of the club. Against West Ham, however, no other family member been to the stadium. It is uncertain, whether at the crash site were.

The helicopter was lifted, according to Sky Sports at around 20.30 hrs (local time). The large crowds of the game on the previous night had left by this time, the stadium environment already, yet the Parking lot was empty of people.

Srivaddhanaprabha in August 2010, the owners of Premier League clubs. Also thanks to the financial support of the billionaire was from the “gray mouse” of English football, the surprise champion of 2016. A year after the Acquisition of the 61-Year-old father of four children, named the stadium in Leicester, since it is called the King Power Stadium – like Srivaddhanaprabhas travel companies.

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