34 countries, 30 months, 55.000 km: From Munich to Vladivostok and back


As of the Moment, she knew, when exactly he will come, sit by Jennifer and Peter glass on a secluded beach in Khao Lak. You sit in front of your Unimog on camping chairs under your feet, the sun warm, Thai Sand. The two are happy.

For two years, you are traveling with your Overlander through the world. Have you seen southern Europe, Turkey and Iran. They were on the Arabian Peninsula, in India and Nepal, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia met. The travel budget would allow for more adventures, but has slipped in the past few weeks, this feeling: All is well, the way it is. We no longer have to.

to plan a way back to Germany just when it is most beautiful – it feels very right. The two decide: you will still have to travel to Singapore and the Unimog, which has brought them so far, according to the Vladivostok shipping. You will fly to the Russian Pacific coast and its Overlander then to the West to turn slowly back to the location where your trip on a Tuesday in may, 2013 has begun: Munich.


Peter was 40 years old, and Jennifer, 35, as the two roles in their Unimog from a driveway to the East of the city. They quit their Jobs as a personnel Manager, and creative Director and their homes abandoned. It feels a bit scary, as you rolling with 80 km/h, the Salzburg motorway in the direction of the burner.

An accurate idea of how long you will be on the road? The Pair has not. Your agreement is open end. And it would not have been surprising if they had been held to a total of 30 months after only a few weeks back at the river Isar. To break up with the admission that the Whole thing was a crazy idea: four and a half months after they met in the first place, such an adventure.

“Roadtrip – a love story” is the name of the recently released 272 page book, in which the Glasens take turns telling of their Trip that led them through a total of 34 countries. Of all the adventures on the road and the many big-hearted people you will meet. But with all the travel of luck, the world will not hide travellers also use the unbehagli encounters more. And the great lightness of being on the Road quite nervous costs. Since consuming border controls, failed Visa applications and many, many hours, in which the Unimog serviced and travel must be kept afloat.

DISPLAY Jennifer and Peter Glas:
Roadtrip – A love story

for A adventurous honeymoon in the Van on the Balkans, Iran, India, and Southeast Asia to Vladivostok.

travel dispatches publishing; 272 pages; 35,00 Euro (bound)

In Oman, Jennifer, Peter gives to the birthday of the much-needed world traveler-Wellness: “Three days without a decisions, three days without a sweat, three days without Travel – three days in a Hotel.” This honesty makes the richly illustrated book a very pleasant, large Wanderlust-inspiring reading.

The route of Jennifer and Peter Glas

For all that play with the idea to embark on an overland adventure, give the Glasens in the back part of the book, each lot of practical tips. You reveal the coordinates of all of your favorite pitches. And provide insight into the financing of Around 60,000 euros have you spent during the Roadtrips. The highest cost factors: the Diesel, the shipments and the flights. The Unimog could sell it after the trip about the purchase price again: for € 35,000.

What remains besides all the impressions and memories from the trip? “We have lived together in the middle of our life time be aware of, respectful and intensely designed, full of gratitude and joy. Perhaps this is the most beautiful gift we have ever been to,” write the travelers at the end of the book.

The decision at that time on the beach in Thailand with the sun, the warm Sand under the feet, have taken, have never regretted. Because this was a very nice experience: the anticipation of the home at the end of your trip was just as great as the anticipation of the unknown at the beginning.


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